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On the night of Ekadasi in the Sukla Paksha of the month Kartik, a special festival is celebrated at Tirukkurungudi (Tirunelveli District – Tamil Nadu), when Lord Nambi is taken to a hall fully decorated and the whole episode of Nampduvan & the Brahmarakshas is enacted before the Lord throughout the night.  The story of Nampaduvan is as below:

In a hamlet in the suburb of Tirukkurungudi, there lived a person by name, Nampaduvan.  He was extremely devoted to Lord Nambi and every day at night when all the worship in the Temple ended, he would go and stand in front of the Temple with lute in hand and sing the glory of the Lord with joy and return home.  This went on for a long time.

Once on the Sukla Paksha Ekadasi Day of the month of Kartik, Nampaduvan left his hut with lute in hand to Sri Nambi Temple to sing the praise of the Lord.  On the way, he was seized by a Brahma Rakshasa, who threatened to devour (swallow) him.  Nampaduvan was not afraid of losing his life, but was sorry that he might not have the good fortune of singing the glory of the Lord that night.  So he pleaded with the Brahma Rakshasa to release him so that he could do this service to the God and promised to return before daybreak and offer himself to the Rakshas.  Having moved by his request, the Rakshas allowed him to go and said that he would wait for the positive return of Nampaduvan.  Nampaduvan was overjoyed and went.  He stood before the Temple Gate and sang the glory of the Lord in accompaniment to the lute with tears of joys in his eyes and devotion in his heart.

As the night was drawing to a close, Nampaduvan, true to his word, came back to the Rakshas and offered himself after expressing his gratitude for the kindness of the Rakshas.  But the mind of Rakshas was changed and he said to Nampaduvan: “ I do not want to kill you and you may live singing the glory of God.  But that will be on one condition that you shall give the merits (Punya) you acquired by singing the praise of the Lord that night”.  Nampaduvan did not agree to this and asked the Rakshas to take him and devour him as originally told.  The Rakshas pleased to give at least a quarter of the merit (Punya) acquired.  Nampaduvan did not agree to this also and the Rakshas pleaded to give at least the Punya earned by the tune named Kaisika, which Nampaduvan sang at the end.  

Nampaduvan was moved by this request of the Rakshas and agreed to give in to the request.  As a result all the sins of the Rakshas were washed off and his frightful form disappeared.  The next moment, he was seen travelling upward in a celestial cart attended by attendants of God to Paramapada (Heaven).

This episode came to be known as Kaisika Puranam is being enacted in the form of a dance drama at Tirukkurungudi on every Kartika Sukla Ekadasi night.  It is also read at Srirangam and other Vaishnava Temples before the Lord that night.