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Sri Ahobila Mutt's Sri Balaji Mandir Pune.


Dear Devotees,


Sri Ahobila Mutt's Sri Balaji Mandir, Pashan is offering various Utsavams and Sevas as performed at Tirupati and Sri Balaji is showering His blessings to one and all. All devotees visiting the temple are getting the feel of Tirupathi when they come for darshan of Lord Sri Balaji and Sri Padmavati at the temple here. The Temple Management is continuously making efforts to offer all kinds of Sevas at this temple as in Tirupati.


With the blessings of His Holiness Srimad Azhagiyasingar, the Sahasra Deepa Alankara Seva commenced at the temple yesterday evening at 7 PM. The photos of the Seva are attached. It was a wonderful sight to see Lord Sri Balaji amidst 1008 oil lamps. The Sahasra Deepa Mandapam was constructed recently with the support of contributions from the devotees.

The temple management announced that the Sahasra Deepa Alankara Seva can be performed at the request of the devotees as an Arjitha Seva and the tariff for the same is Rs 4500. This Seva will be performed at 7.00 PM in the evenings. The booking for the same shall be made in advance. Offering lamp is considered to be very special and offering 1008 lamps and worshipping Him amidst those 1008 lamps is even more special. Devotees are requested to avail this unique facility provided at the  Temple and seek the blessings of Lord Sri Balaji.

In view of Kartigai Deepam Utsavam to be held on 26.11.2015, the Sahasra Deepa Alankara Utsavam is organised by the Temple at 7.00 PM on that day.  In order to facilitate more participation of the devotees, the Tariff for the Ubhayam on that day has been fixed at Rs 1000/- only. Devotees are requested to avail this facility and get the blessings of the Lord.


The Temple Management also announced the introduction of Ashtadala Padmarchana Seva from 14.11.2015 from 6.30 PM. In this Seva, Special Ashtotra Archana will be performed to Lord Sri Balaji Moolava Murthy with 108 golden lotus flowers. This Special Seva is available on all Saturdays in the evenings from 6.30 PM onwards.  Ticket token for this Seva can be taken at the Temple any time by giving the name, gotra and star of the devotee and the family members on whose name the archana is to be performed. Offering archana to Lord Sri Balaji on Saturday is considered very auspicious and that too with 108 golden lotus flowers is considered very auspicious. Devotees are requested to avail this Seva and be blessed by Sri Balaji.



The details of other new sevas introduced in the recent past are given below:




 Available On 




Tula baram


All days

9 AM  / 7.30 PM

Offering of material to be brought by the devotee

 Tulsi, Theerth prasad. 

Go Pooja


All days

9 AM  / 7.30 PM

Cost of feeding cows

 Archana and Sugar Candy   Prasad

Mundan facility


All days except week ends

 9 AM to 11 AM by booking in advance

Barber will be made available, Hot water for bath facility

Sandal paste for tonsured head and Archana for devotee


Please contact the temple office for details of various other sevas performed at the temple. You may also write to us at this email address for more details.

Best wishes,
Temple Management Committee